Permanent hair removal Munich

Permanent hair removal Munich

Many people find hair on certain parts of their body annoying. Although seeing hair as beautiful or ugly is a cultural thing, it impacts peoples self-esteem regardless. Shaving and other classic methods of hair removal have a decisive disadvantage: they are not permanent.  This is different with permanent hair removal Munich. We explain how permanent hair removal works in Munich.

Hair removal: The traditional ways

When it comes to removing unwanted hair from certain parts of the body, mankind has already developed several technologies. The oldest and certainly the most common method of hair removal is shaving. The protruding hairs are cut off with a sharp blade. This come with an inherent disadvantage: the hair grows back after a certain amount of time. In addition, the razor often irritates the skin and leads to unsightly pustules – the so-called razor pimples. With waxing, hot wax is applied to the area of the body and then pulled off in a jerky motion. The procedure is painful, but more effective than shaving. After all, many hair roots are pulled out as well.

Permanent Hair Removal Munich & Dachau

The modern alternative to both variants is laser hair removal. Here, the hair root is destroyed by heat. This method makes use of the melatonin contained in the human body, which is also responsible for our hair colour. The darker the hair, the more melatonin there is in the body – and the more effective laser hair removal is.

Hair does not grow evenly and the laser can only work on the hair roots where there is visible hair. There has to be some time between each session so that the skin can relax. The treated skin areas should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as they are particularly sensitive when regularly exposed to the laser.  Permanent Hair Removal Munich is a great way to get rid of nasty hair on your body for good.