Permanent hair removal in Dachau: this is how it works

Permanent hair removal in Dachau

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In Dachau, too, many people are bothered by hair on certain parts of the body. You are wondering: is there permanent hair removal in Dachau? We clarify.

Not all hair removals are permanent

The most popular hair removal is shaving. Unfortunately, it is also the most ineffective. When shaving, only the protruding hair is removed, but the hair root itself remains untouched. As a result, the annoying hair grows back again and again.

Waxing is also not much more effective and at the same time very painful.
The alternative to shaving and waxing is permanent laser hair removal in Dachau. When hair is removed with the diode laser, the hair roots are permanently destroyed because the melanin conducts heat to the hair roots.

Laserina is your partner for permanent hair removal in Dachau

The permanent hair removal in Dachau is carried out by Laserina after an initial consultation. In this conversation we determine the skin type and the approximate duration of the treatment. The chances of success of permanent hair removal in Dachau also depend on the skin type. The darker the skin, the easier it is to remove hair and the fewer sessions required for hair removal. The size of the area also plays an important role in the length of the treatment.
In principle, however, several sessions are always necessary for hair removal with the laser. Because not all hair grows synchronously, so that hair grows back after a session that was not visible at the first session. Not all hair roots are destroyed without several sessions. There must be several weeks between each session to allow time for skin to regenerate and hair to grow back.